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Version 84.0

Release date

3rd November 2017


Now able to edit coding etc. on 'child' claim lines (e.g. additional mileage and passenger lines).

Currency selection no longer dependent on country.

Denied claim lines now flagged so as to be more obvious to the claimant.

Now possible to set the minimum spend on a category as well as the maximum.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue where rotation of receipt images was inconsistent.

Corrected issue where receipt VAT was overriding the category VAT settings.

Fixed issue where setting rates on daily allowance categories could cause exception to be thrown when saving.

Fixed issue where receipts would not add to a claim line before the category was chosen.

Minor updates to OCR webservice for MEO Mobile.

Minor updates to some admin screens.

Fix to 'Lost' page when web address incorrectly entered in browser.

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